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For more than 30 years, nanocamp has been exploring the phenomenon of music. The path through the musical chain began with the development of instruments and their electrical sound pickup and speakers with the company Röseler loudspeaker in Hemer. Then, together with the company SAC in Essen, he led to amplifiers and active components, and finally to the beginning - the digital source. The first contact with CD players offered models of various manufacturers in the 90s. However, these CD players offered strange sound fragments with concentrated listening. The cause of the unrealistic playback left here until the solution no more peace.

The cause on the trail was immersed more and more in the peculiarities of makes and constructions, of used components and switching principles. Back to the devices of the first generations, which were increasingly fascinating: all very elaborately built, with an incredibly solid mechanics and for the then time already expensive components. A CD 100 from Philips, which cost around DM 2100 in 1983, would make a fortune in production today.

It was dedicated to these old treasures to create on their basis a new CD player, which for the first time exploits all technical possibilities and enables the reproduction of CDs in a previously unknown sound quality. That sounds exaggerated? You can go one step further - the CD player metronom surpasses all expectations of precision, naturalness and clarity with playful ease.
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