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Drive for analog switches

° switch up to 64 volume steps/9 sources
° positioning by absolute-sensor
° access to studio/listening room features
° normalization of the levels for sources
° storable start position for volume/source
° reversible mute without relay contacts
° optional display for dB attenuation/source
° display light on/off/auto (5sec)
° 10V DC voltage with only 500mA current
° automatic sleep mode for the processor

Control and function

Switches with any switching angles and various steps can be installed. Each step is individually measured, stored and precisely approached again. All functions are also possible without LCD display. A light emitting diode-LED also confirms the settings. It accepts remote controls from Philips, Marantz, Grundig ... for CD players, preamps and amplifiers, as well as universal remote controls (RC5 codec). The keys and key combinations, as well the visualizations are shown in following tables.
Oxhead Attenuator

Electrical connection

Drive universal, with shaft 6mm for self-assembly.

For heavy-duty switches with 4+ switching levels, a higher voltage version is available. Standard with level control software. On request with software for source selection. An infrared receiver is included.

Mounting on the sent switch

LCD display and connection cable

Background amber, font black. Not mandatory for the function of the Drive.

Adjustable linear supply with transformer 2A

1. Drive for Volume

Key Function Display LED
+ Volume up dB Attenuation
- Volume down calculating
mute 1. position/previous mute/…dB
0, [1…9] normalize on/off normal/off norm 2 s. on/off
0, +, [-] go to menu menu flashes


Key Function Display LED
[3] start position on/off start Y/start N 2 s. on/off
[4] normalization mode static/dynamic 2 s. off/on
[5] normalization off off.all 2 s. off
[6] light on/out/auto light Y/N/A
[7] default settings standard 2 s. on
[8] install switch new init on
[9] save position stored/error 1 s. on/off
[0] exit menu flash off

hold [keys] in brackets for 2 seconds (s.)

2. Drive for Sources

Key Function Display LED
1…9 Source selection name and no.
0, -, [+] go to menu menu flashes


Key Function Display LED
[2] name of source scroll namelist
[3] startposition on/out start Y/start N 2 s. on/off
[6] Light on/out/auto light Y/N/A
[7] default settings standard 2 s. on
[8] install switch new init on
[9] save position stored/error 1 s. on/off
[0] exit menu flash off

hold [keys] in brackets for 2 seconds (s.)

Install switch

1. Turn the switch to the far right
2. Enter key* for menu: LED flashes
3. Enter Key [8]: LED on
4. Turn the stepped attenuator to the far left
5. Position sensor initialized: LED flashes
6. Enter key [9]: LED 2 s.
7. Switch stage 1 saved**
8. Switch next Position, save as 6.
Finished. Press the [0] key, exit the menu

* Be aware off different key combination for entering the menu. So the menu of an Drive for volume and one for source can be used separately.

** If the switching angle stays unchanged, is faulty or in the wrong direction, the LED indicates a mistake by extinguishing for 2 s. No new step is saved.

Source names

Different names for sources can be assigned from a list.


Not only different sources such as turntables, tuners or CD players have different output levels. There are barely 2 CD players with the same output level. This is not only disturbing in a listening room while comparing, but also when the output level from different sources has to be adjusted over and over again. With activated normalization, the desired volume is automatically adjusted when switching the source with the remote control.

1. Adjust the volume for the current source
2. Press 0, then the button to the source [1…9]
3. the normalization is activated: LED 2 s.
4. save more sources as in 1. ...

Two different methods of normalization can be chosen in the menu:
1. Listening room – dynamic: when switching the current volume level remains.
2. Studio – static: when switching sources the saved volume is set.
Default setting is the dynamic normalization with automatic calibration in relation to the current volume. (wav)