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Please pack your CD player like this

1. Please attach a stamped and addressed return label to the CD player before packaging. If the outer address sticker is damaged, this also creates more security for assignment to the logistics company.

2. Please use a sturdy cardboard box, which leaves enough room for padding at the top / bottom and on all sides.

3. Wrap the device first with a plastic wrap or wrapping paper so that no packaging material gets through the ventilation slots in the CD player.

4. Let the device power cord protrude from the plastic wrap to the rear; Otherwise, it may damage the case of the CD player due to friction.

5. Professionals fill the rest of the room in the box with polystyrene plates (about 2-4 cm, no flakes or loose filling material), which must sit tight. So the shipping weight also stays below 10kg. An investment for non-existent Styrofoam plates you save as early as the postage.

6. Wrapping the device with thick bubble wrap is also possible. Care should again be taken that the device is taut in the box.

7. An inscription "Beware of glass" or "Sensitive electronic device" warns the carrier to be careful during transport.

8. The post goes to:

Claire Vandenkerchove
Glaeserstr. 8
99423 Weimar