Remote control Revox B225

Retrofitable remote control Revox B225
Plug-in module with extended functionality, 45 Euro
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The module has plug and socket strip to be inserted on the microprocessor board between (mouseover image).

remote Revox B225

Instead of the existing connectors, the module is plugged into the microprocessor board. A resistor to a wire bridge connects the module to the 5 volt power supply (mouseover image).

Revox B225 infrared receiver

The microprocessor board is then inserted with module back into the device to plug in the local plug now in the module. The infrared receiver can then be positioned. We recommend the position of the old infrared receiver behind the red window at the bottom left of the front panel.

The existing receiving unit with its susceptibility and lack of functionality should be deactivated on the neighboring board "Servo 2".

Remote receiver Revox B225

For deactivation, the components shown can be removed without replacement. The square LED bulb, which lights up when the Revox is inactive, can then be used again (mouseover image).

Revox stand by LED faulty

With the adhesive pad attached, the infrared receiver on the square LED finds an optimal position. Already the servo 2 board can be plugged in again.

CD player Revox B225

By using the USB-in module, the source selection CD / digital input can be controlled via the remote control. For this purpose, the connection marked 'USB' on the module is connected to the switching module on the analogue board.