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Remote control CD 104

From the ready-equipped remote control board, the cables that are plugged into the board have to be soldered to the CD player.

Remote control for Philips CD104 48buy


Remove the upper housing cover. The front of the device is attached to the top and bottom with 3 screws each. After these are solved, the two cable strands can be removed at the connectors of the now loose front panel. The removal of the front panel is as easy as the entire installation of the remote control module.

philips cd104 inside

The board in the front of the device does not need to be removed. The soldering points for the cables 1 - 10 of the remote control module are freely accessible after the smaller superior part of the board has been loosened. The red circle on the right of the picture shows a possible installation position for the remote receiver - like in the equal Mission CDP.

chematic remote cd104

Bring the cables of the remote control module to the desired length. The length depends on the desired position of the remote control board. The board is insulated with a transparent plastic and can be easily inserted into the housing.

wiring remote cd104 philips

Thanks to its small footprint, the remote control module fits very well directly behind the attached front panel. Simply insert the Remote Control Module into the gap between the front bezel and the zinc basket of the main body.

retrofitable remote cd104

The IR receiver can be mounted under the front panel as in the CD 100/101.

infrared receiver cd104

The receiver can also be placed anywhere behind the plastic of the front panel. It is sufficient if in the sensitive area of ??the receiver only a 1mm hole is drilled in the plastic cover. Barely visible, the receiver sits in the middle of the front panel.

infrared philips cd104