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Remote control CD 100

Barely visible sits the infrared sensor in the middle in front of the dark housing lower shell and this hi-fi rarity is characterized not only by the best sound, but is finally controllable with a Philips CD remote control or universal remote control.

Retrofitable remote control philips cd 100

All functions of the CD 100 can be controlled remotely. The special functions can also be controlled using number keys, as some handsets do not have corresponding keys.
1=Cancel, 2=Store/Preset, 3=Select, 4=Repeat

Funktion Philips CD100

From the ready-equipped remote control board, the cables that are plugged into the board have to be soldered to the CD player. The remote board is insulated with a transparent plastic for isolating and can later easily be inserted into the housing.

Remote control for Philips CD 100 - 101 48buy

remote modul retrofitable

Installation example, Youtube (german language)

Remove the screws on the bottom of the CD 100, and then place the CD 100 in the correct direction to remove the upper housing shell. It only need to solder cables coming from the remote control board to the board in the housing cover. It is nice that this board does not have to be removed from the housing cover. And it is almost strange that the Philips technicians have prepared soldering points in the correct positions for this purpose over 30 years ago.

chematic cd100 remote

wiring remote cd100

The cables stay a little longer, because the remote control board is simply pushed into the housing between the decoder and servo board due to its small footprint. Now only the receiver for the infrared signal has to be led outwards. For this purpose, a barely visible position on the lower housing cover offers a center. With a 1mm drill you have to drill 3 small holes to insert the legs of the IR-receiver from the outside.

remote infrared wiring

The receiver needs no further attachment. After his 3 legs are soldered to the corresponding wires of the remote control board, they are bent backwards and stop him. But beware, the silver coating on the inside of the housing cover is conductive. It must be removed around the legs and sufficient insulation must be ensured. The structural intervention remains minimal.

infrared receiver cd100 philips