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Remote control Marantz CD 73

Since comfort does not have to be missing, a remote control module can be used in the Marantz CD 73. Marantz also offers remote control for this model. However, this is housed in a separate housing and can not control all functions despite the enormous size. The Marantz technicians did not want to be able to use the search functions and the programmability of the armchair at the time. With this dindiki remote control module all functions can be controlled without exception with a philips compatible handset for CD players or with a universal remote control.

marantz cd73 remote control

From the ready-equipped remote control board, the cables that are plugged into the board have to be soldered to the CD player. The remote board is insulated with a transparent plastic for isolating and can later easily be inserted into the housing.

Remote control for Marantz CD73 48buy

remote pcb retrofitable cd73

After loosening the housing cover, the screws for releasing the front of the device are accessible on top and bottom. The front of the device can then be removed to the front.

marantz cd73 inside

At the front of the black plastic background of the title display with his two screws is also solved.

marantz cd73 display

For the infrared sensor, the lower left position in this plastic background is suitable. With a 1mm drill, drill 3 small holes to push through the IR sensor's legs. The structural intervention remains minimal.

display marantz disassembled cd73

The cables 1 to 10 of the remote control board are soldered to the back of the labeled plug contacts JU58 and JU59. These plug-in contacts are easily accessible on an inserted board at the top right of the CD player.

connection location remote marantz cd73

Lift the board up and turn it over to solder the cables 1 to 10.

chematic remote marantz cd73

After soldering, the board can be plugged in again immediately.

wiring retrofitable remote cd73

The cables 11 to 13 are for the programming function of the CD 73 and are performed like the 3 cables of the infrared sensor to the front of the CD player.

front cd 73 wire support

The cables 11 to 13 are each soldered to the right of the marked resistors.

special function cd73 wiring

Solder the 3 cables of the infrared sensor and screw the plastic background back on.

position infrared receiver marantz cd73

Finally, the remote control board can be easily inserted into the housing.

remote pcb inside cd73 position