Relay Revox B225 - B226

The relay in the Revox B225 and B226 mutes the outputs in critical operating conditions. In addition, another often unnoticed feature is added. The relay is designed for 24 volts and is connected directly to the -12V and the + 12V of the power supply of the operational amplifiers in the output stage. As a result, the relay fulfills a symmetrizing and stabilizing effect - the electrical values of the relay are relevant for this purpose. A module was developed to ensure the optimum values of the coils. Also in conjunction with the current consumption of the illumination bulbs, which are operated in the same way directly with the output stage, the choice of false components with audible distortions is acknowledged.

Revox B225 Relais
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bulbs for Revox B225

Changing the lighting with incorrect power consumption has a direct impact on the analog signal. Light bulbs that are too bright and have too high a power consumption can often be found, resulting in distortions. Or the lighting is changed to LED diodes with a series resistor. This has a too low current consumption and causes a longer rise time of the common voltage regulators for output stage, relay and lighting. The original light bulbs have an effective current consumption of 86mA at the voltage to be found. The replacement type has a similar current consumption with 80mA, brighter lighting should be avoided.

bulbs for Revox B225
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Revox B226 Glühbirne
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