OP-amp metronom

Operational amplifier for the R2R analogue converters TDA1540 and TDA1541A.

In the CD players are the analog converter following double-operational amplifier with two gain stages in one housing. One half takes over the voltage conversion of the audio signal, the other half is used with upstream low-pass filter for stabilization. However, these very different tasks are taken over by identical halves. The OP-amp metronom combines two different single OPs on a board as a direct replacement.

•  Optimized single op amps for different requirements of each stage
•  Best heat balance compared to double-OPs and conventional adapters
•  improved signal routing with anti-oscillation layout
•  minimal mass change due to new micro pin connectors
•  Plug'n Play replacement for all dual OPs behind R2R analogue converters

OP-amp metronom

Different circuits in CD players can use the first or second stage of the OP first. For example, In the Revox B225, the analogue converter in the left channel is followed first by the second operating stage, in the right channel by the first one. Following the converter I recommend an AD825, then an OPA604 as filter and buffer. The corresponding variant must be ordered separately for each stereo channel. For Philips up to CD * 04 use the 825-604 twice. Questions about other CD player models please via mail.

1x OP-amp 825-604, 24 Euro ———
1x OP-amp 604-825, 24 Euro ———

OP-amp single

Maximum cooling air circulation on the single op-amp.

1x OP-amp 825, 18 Euro ———
1x OP-amp 604, 18 Euro ———

OP-amp metronom single

I do not recommend using audio OPs in sockets, but always solder them in firmly. The available combination results from many years of experience with countless trials and tests - a pedestal to 'try out' is superfluous and harms in the result any audio op amp.

Operational amplifiers are sourced directly from the distributor of the manufacturer. Anyone who orders such coveted semiconductors in an Asian country in which they are not produced and at prices below those of the manufacturer, can not be helped.