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Motorpot remote control

Motor pots such as e.g. The ALPS RK27112MC can be remotely controlled with this module. Nearly all audio handset switches for Philips, Grundig, Marantz (RC5) or even a universal remote control can be used to control the function. For Logitech Harmonie, for example, the code for Marantz CD 63 of our CN handset.

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Motorpot remote module

· Volume +/-
· 1-4 Source
· Source +/-
· Mute
· Stand By

Installation guide

After connecting the supplied infrared receiver, a 5V supply voltage is required. The motor of the motorpot is connected to PIN 4 and 6. Switching on reduces the volume for a moment.

wiring Motorpot remote module

The left port can control relays for up to 4 sources. The mute button on a remote control switches off all source relays, and when pressed again, re-activates the last known relay.

wiring source relais remote module

A relay for e.g. "Stand By" can be controlled with pin 15. With push buttons to ground / GND can also be controlled manually without remote control.

· Pin 3/4: Motorpot right / left-run
· Pin 13/14: Source selection up / down

With "reverse logic", the switching signal for the relays can be inverted during operation. Depending on the requirements in a pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier or relay cards, the module can provide the necessary signal without any changes to the existing circuit. Pin 16 is to connect to 5 volt for inverting.

General information
Relays are always controlled via a shield and can not be connected directly to a microcontroller because of their current consumption. Such a shield consists of a transistor or opto-controller, which switches the coil voltage for the relay. Depending on the wiring, this shild requires a 5V "signal high" or a 0V (GND) "signal low" from the microcontroller.

relais shield

Wiring relay shield

Philips remote

The RH8808 hand switch was chosen because it is superior in function and value to other models. It is intuitively easy to use even in the dark and does not offer unnecessary buttons.

Philips remote soon

remote Philips

CN remote

A functional replica of a well-known hand switch from the 90s. Many functions and rubberized buttons, but the quality of the plastic case is rather easy to describe.

CN remote 14€buy

CN CD remote

Universal remote

This hand switch ensures order on the living room table. In addition to the CD player, it controls 3 other devices. All you have to do is enter a device code from the attached list.

Universal remote 22€buy

Universal remote

In addition, the hand switch has a learning function to copy functions from an existing remote control. Macros can also be programmed to perform multiple functions at the touch of a button.