High score CD player

1. Revox B225

Thanks to the design according to the plug-in card principle, a service-friendly device with tight-tolerance components of sometimes above-average quality. At first glance the complicated control shows a good functionality with for example direct title selection and special functions.
Service Revision Manual B225 service-revision-manual

Revox B225

2. Philips CD 304

With its anodized aluminum front, as a well-available device, which fits well into any living room and to hi-fi devices in standard format with a new display glass in front of his beautiful tube display and new keyboard lettering, the CD 304 is in 14 bits in second place.
Service Revision Manual CD304 service-revision-manual

Philips CD304

3. Philips CD 104

The CD 104 is the organ donor of the 304 and many other CD players that have crystallized in over 30 years as the best CD players of all time. With a narrower housing and good functionality due to retrofittable remote control.
Service Revision Manual CD104 service-revision-manual

Philips CD104

4. Bang & Olufsen CDX

Inside, the type 5121 CDX is largely identical to the Philips CD 104. Thus, the CDX with its futuristic design is the right choice for lovers of TOP loaders.


5. Philips CD 204

Unlike his brothers and sisters of the Philips 04 series, the CD 204 is manufactured without SMD components on the motherboards nor with components with connecting wires. But SMD components have advantages in some areas.
Service Revision Manual CD204 service-revision-manual

Philips CD204

6. Philips CD 100

For honor sake, the forefather of all CD players can be found here. With limited functionality such as lack of title jump backward, tough access times and idiosyncratic noise in the title jump, a CD 100 is something for real lovers. Some comfort can be gained by the remote control.

Philips CD100

List of all suitable basic devices