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Please send your CD player that need to be revised with a stamped and addressed return label.
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Please understand that we are a small business. We do not stock any products, all products are handcrafted according to your requirements. The delivery times can therefore depend on the order situation and the product to be manufactured. The delivery time for e.g. a metronom CD player is gladly given by mail because not every model of a possible basic device is available.


As a small business, invoicing takes place without separately listed VAT in a total amount (not subject to VAT in accordance with § 19 1 UStG). A VAT identification number is not maintained by a small business owner. A further reduction of sales tax for deliveries to EU countries is therefore not possible because no VAT is charged by the small business owner.


We do not provide telephone support to save time resources and to protect health/ hearing. Agreements made by mail can also be retraced when the order is executed.

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Listening rooms

The metronome 14 can be heard. You are invited to bring your player to compare.

In Germany
Peter Röseler Loudspeakersystems
Ernst-Stenner-Str. 1A
58675 Hemer
Tuesday - Friday, 17:00 - 18:30
+49 - (0)2372 - 137 47

In addition, listening appointments can also take place here in Weimar. For this an appointment can be arranged by mail.

In Austria
HORN manufaktur
Gerald Hüpfel
Laritzgraben 61
8380 Jennersdorf
+43 - (0)699 - 127 38 868


For over 25 years, dindiki has been exploring the phenomenon of music. The path through the musical chain began with the development of instruments and their electrical sound pickup as well as loudspeakers in cooperation with well-known manufacturers. Then it led to amplifiers and active components, finally to the beginning - the digital source. The first contact with CD players in the 90s offered models of various manufacturers. However, these CD players offered strange sound fragments during concentrated listening. The cause of the unrealistic reproduction left form here until its solution no more peace.

The search for causes was immersed more and more in the characteristics of the manufacturers and constructions, of applied components and switching principles. Until going back to the devices of the first generation, which were increasingly fascinating: all very elaborately built, with incredibly solid mechanics and for this time already expensive components. A CD 100 from Philips, which costed around 2100 DM in the year 1983, would today have a fortune in production.

It was dedicated to create on the basis of these old treasures a new CD player, which for the first time exploits all technical possibilities and enables the reproduction of CDs in a previously unknown sound quality. That sounds exaggerated? You can even go one step further - the CD player metronom surpasses all expectations of precision, naturalness and clarity with playful ease.