Dear visitor,
the majority of our deliveries are made abroad. Orders are usually shipped the same day. With Corona, however, the times for shipping per country have increased considerably. Many customers view this with great impatience.

We have therefore decided to interrupt sales in December to wait until the situation has eased. Since paypal as payment processor does not want to be able to distinguish between different countries of the buyers, the sale has to pause for all countries - the buy buttons are deactivated.

We wish you a contemplative and healthy christmas time and hope to welcome you again as a customer in January 2021.


Address workshop / visits

Claire Vandenkerchove
Rießnerstr. 23, right entrance, room 316,
99427 Weimar, Germany

Address for postal deliveries

Claire Vandenkerchove
Gläserstr. 8
99423 Weimar, Germany

German web:

Bank transfer
Claire Vandenkerchove
IBAN: DE46820641880005004314

Delivery times

Please understand that we are a small business. We do not stock any products, all products are handcrafted according to your requirements. The delivery times can therefore depend on the order situation and the product to be manufactured. The delivery time for e.g. a metronom CD player is gladly given by mail because not every model of a possible basic device is available.


As a small business, invoicing takes place without separately listed VAT in a total amount (not subject to VAT in accordance with § 19 1 UStG). A VAT identification number is not maintained by a small business owner. A further reduction of sales tax for deliveries to EU countries is therefore not possible because no VAT is charged by the small business owner.


We do not provide telephone support to save time resources and to protect health/ hearing. Agreements made by mail can also be retraced when the order is executed.

Mandatory specification

The EU Commission provides an online platform for online dispute resolution (OS platform). These can be reached via the following link: I am not obliged and unwilling to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.