Display glass CD304 und MKII

Over the years, the display glass of a CD 304 becomes milky-cloudy. With this precision acrylic glass, the front gets its noble character again.

Display glass CD304 transparent   22,-
Display glass display bronzed   22,-

CD304 new display glass

In the following picture you can see an old yellowed display glass on the lower CD304. On the middle CD304 is a transparent display glass. On the upper CD304 is the bronze filter glass. Its 30% reduced reflection from the front and back and the blocking of the lateral scattered light at the back show better definition and readability of the display. The bronzing filters the colors and the ugly green discoloration of the tube display disappears, the indicator lights up in a clear white with improved contrast. Unsightly stains caused by contact with the rear display part can be completely avoided thanks to the spacer. The tube display with its bar display spreads modern HiFi components with the new filter glass a special charm.

Display Philips CD304MKII

Video installation