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Supply class A with trafo

•  constant current 2x 260 mA
•  adjustable transformer for 115/230 V
•  25 VA cast toroidal transformer
•  ultrafast diodes and primary Panasonic FR capacitors
•  separate, decoupled structure of AC and DC
•  galvanic isolation up to the T-ground connection
•  supply - trafo: 100 x 115 mm, high 40 mm
•  Class A supply - trafo 98buy

supply pre amp

Supply class A without trafo

•  supply: 100 x 54 mm, high 40 mm
•  Class A supply 58buy
supply pre amp

PCB without components

•  Board without components: 100 x 116 x 1,6 mm
•  Board, heat sink, circuit diagram 29buy

supply pre amp

The heat sink is included, all other components are freely available. The board is suitable for transformers of Talema type 70063K (25VA) or 70040K (10VA).

Battery quality power supply

For new pre-stages, phono stages and active crossovers or as a high-quality replacement for pre-stages with conventional power supplies.

supply pre amp

The analog audio signal is generated 100% from the voltage of the power supply. The most sophisticated circuit and the best components are useless if you save on the power supply. Due to its variability, the Class A power supply can be used for almost all preamplifiers with voltages between 5 and 20V. The signal ground, shield ground, any ground for support capacitors or the housing shield are only connected once centrally to one of the 4 central T ground connections (similar to star ground). The power supply can be connected individually to an existing transformer, but is also available with a permanently installed transformer. The transformer is designed for the usual output voltage of 15 volts and the power supply is set appropriately. For other voltages, please indicate when ordering.

An example by Mario Gasper for the use of the class A power supply on the discretely constructed "Supra" phono pre by Elektor: vintageanalog