Supply pre-amp class A

•  constant current 2x 260 mA
•  adjustable transformer for 115/230 V
•  25 VA cast toroidal transformer
•  ultrafast diodes and primary Panasonic FR capacitors
•  separate, decoupled structure of AC and DC
•  galvanic isolation up to the T-ground connection
•  supply: 100 x 54 mm, high 40 mm
•  Class A supply   58,-

supply pre amp

•  supply - trafo: 100 x 115 mm, high 40 mm
•  Class A supply - trafo   98,-

supply pre amp

Battery quality power supply

For new pre-stages, phono stages and active crossovers or as a high-quality replacement for pre-stages with conventional power supplies.

supply pre amp

The analog audio signal is generated 100% from the voltage of the power supply. The most sophisticated circuit and the best components are useless if you save on the power supply. Due to its variability, the Class A power supply can be used for almost all preamplifiers with voltages between 5 and 20V. The signal ground, shield ground, any ground for support capacitors or the housing shield are only connected once centrally to one of the 4 central T ground connections (similar to star ground). The power supply can be connected individually to an existing transformer, but is also available with a permanently installed transformer. The transformer is designed for the usual output voltage of 15 volts and the power supply is set appropriately. For other voltages, please indicate when ordering.