SAC Amplifier

Amplifier from the production of the former SAC GmbH from Essen around Axel Schäfer. The SAC became famous for its power amplifiers like "Igel" (Hedgehog) or "Il Piccolo": Company profile (german)

Example fully symmetrical drive

SAC Amplifier

° Push-pull Class AB
° Power RMS 150W - 8 ohm
° Rise time < 2µs
° Damping factor 6000

Example with outsourced transformers

Individual amplifiers

Currently a CNC production facility is being set up in order to be able to offer an appropriate housing from our own production.

Individual configuration

The power of the final stage is largely determined by the power supply and the transformer. With a corresponding dimensioning and symmetrical arrangement of two power stage boards, powers of 600 watts per channel can be supplied with ease. The final stage of the SAC is characterized by very low internal resistance and thus very high damping factor and thus highest control of the speakers. A very direct, balanced and extremely filigree-sounding amplifier, which is finally available here again.

supply nanocamp

A new power supply, which can now accommodate the fastest voltage rectifier of single design, was supplemented by 4 filtering MKT foil capacitors from Philips. The main task in the power supply, as with SAC, is to take 4 long-lasting quality capacitors from BC.

With optional active filtering of the analog signal, solutions with specific powers for e.g. Subwoofer and satellite enabled. We are of the opinion that a qualitative reproduction, especially for low frequencies, only takes place with an active drive without passive crossover between amplifier and loudspeaker.