Electrical connection of the SAC amplifiers

The mains connection in front of the transformer is not shown here, since this is only permitted by trained persons. Danger to life when working on mains voltage. Transformers are not offered.

1. stereo

One SAC amplifier for each stereo channel on a common power supply and transformer.

SAC Amplifier

2. mono balanced RCA Cinch

With the bridge circuit, two SAC amplifiers are automatically balanced. To do this, the output of the first amplifier is connected to the resistor shown at the inverting input of the second amplifier via a resistance of 1k ohm. In addition, the "In" input is bridged with the "GND" next to it. The attenuation and the power increase, however, a minimum impedance of the loudspeaker to be driven of 4 ohms must not be undercut in bridge mode.

SAC Amplifier

3. mono balanced XLR

If a symmetrical analog signal is available from the previous electronics, two SAC amplifiers can be operated via an XLR connector without further adjustment.

SAC Amplifier

4. mono single

If the amplifier is to be connected in a row with the transformer in front as shown, the power supply board must be rotated - the components are fitted on the other side of the power supply board. The power supply board is printed on both sides and can be equipped on both sides, which gives further connection options such as result in the angled direct screw connection of the amplifier to the power supply. For such a power supply unit, a note when ordering is sufficient.

SAC Amplifier